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red deer skat club

Annual Update

The Red Deer Skat Club is growing! We have returning players as well as newcomers for this year, which is great to see, as our average age was going up too fast. Don't get me wrong here, our seasoned players do give the younger ones always a good run for their money, and everyone enjoys playing with the likes of Frank, Gerhard, Joe and others. Getting new players means new challengers, more training sessions to ensure the newcomers are introduced into our beloved game properly.

With the turn into 2023, we also have modernized our club games. No, the rules have not changed, we are still playing by the ISPA rules that are common around the world. We do however now no longer play with paper score sheets, instead we have introduced electronic score keeping. This means the elimination of a lot of errors that we saw before. And the data is kept in a database, so we have all the statistics right on hand rather than having to enter the results in spreadsheets manually. Now that we have played for a good month, we are also noticing that this step has accelerated the game as well.

In regards to points, we as a group made the decision to determine our club champion by total points at the end of the year. This allows us to eliminate the old 85% rule, where you had to play at a minimum 85% of the time (resulting into 39 mandatory appearances last year). Some of our members cannot come that often anymore for one reason or another.

This brings us to the results of the club competition from last year that was 2022. If you recall, our up to last year's club president Bert promised that we would have another good fight for the bragging rights of the Red Deer Skat Club Champion. And while the first quarter was pretty much led by last year's champion, the second and third quarter were, calculated by average, dominated by our Fred Kommnick. The usual suspects found themselves on table one towards the end of the year, and since Fred's move down south prevented him from coming too often, Bert continued the trash talk until he was mathematically eliminated, finding himself again in the unfortunate position of having to hand over the annual trophy to Gerd again (for the fourth time in a row). Sorry Bert, and it wasn't even that close this year either.











Red Deer Skat Club Fee:

We have eliminated the annual Skat Club Fee for 2023, however, since we still need to pay for the food for our two-round nights as well as the Christmas windup party, we are now charging 5 dollars per night of which two dollars will be put in the pot to cover these expenses and the annual prize awards.


The ISPA fees are due in January for the 2023 year, if not already paid. We currently have 15 players from our Red Deer Skat Club as ISPA members.


2023 Bump Money:

Nothing has changed here, for the first three losses one dollar each is collected, then two dollars for every following loss. We should mention however that newcomers do only pay half of the bump money for the first six months.



ISPA rules apply and will be enforced so that we learn the rules better. We will email them and print them off, so that everyone has a copy and can take them home to read.


In order to qualify as a club champion, a player must have his/her dues paid and play at least 85% of the weeks played during the season.


Play is held at the German-Canadian Club (location can be found on the contact tab above) and starts every Monday at 7pm! On long weekends, where the Monday is a holiday, we play two rounds starting at 3:30pm with a club sponsored meal at 6pm. The second round starts as normal at 7pm.

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