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red deer skat club

Congratulations to our new Club Champion 2021

Since our last championship update from 2019, a lot of Skat was online due to the Covid restrictions in 2020 and 2021. During those two years, we had a reduced number of Mondays played at our club house. Bert, our Skat Club President was eager to point that out together with the 2020 announcement of Gerd winning the club championship for the second time in a row. Promises were made for 2021 to get this newcomer on the board of champions dethroned.

The 2021 Skat season then again started very late and only half a year's worth of Mondays was played. Naturally, with a shortened season, results tend to get a lot tighter. Leading up to the fall, by end of September, one player emerged with a good size lead - Gerhard Teske. For the rest of the season, everyone was wondering whether we would have a new name to be carved onto the board of champions. Gerhard managed to hold on to an albeit ever narrowing lead of 8 points before the last Monday. It was before that first Monday in December that everyone was still convinced, Gerhard would very likely be crowned as the new leader, particularly since each Monday according to our scorekeeping a maximum difference of 9 points can be achieved (10 for the winner, 1 for the lowest score). And then, the unthinkable happened. While Gerhard was very slowly digging himself out of the hole, Gerd (the second in points at that time), won the evening, thus pipping Gerhard by 1 point to win the title of Red Deer Skat Club Champion for a third time in a row.

For all you Skat enthusiasts out there this goes to show that you never give up, no matter how far back you are. And to Gerhard: Sorry, my friend for putting you into 2nd place! (Well, not really, but it is the right thing to say... :-)

Naturally, Bert blamed this result again on Covid and promised again to put up a good fight for 2022, a season, where we hopefully can play a full year's worth of games again.

We are looking forward to another year of comradery, exciting games and a lot of laughs! The latter is undoubtedly the most important under these pandemic conditions.


Red Deer Skat Club Fee:

$15 per year. We currently have 20 players and everyone is welcome to join.



The ISPA fees will be due in January for the 2021 year, if not already paid. We currently have 12 players from our Red Deer Skat Club as ISPA members.


2021 Bump Money:

$1 per loss for the first three losses, then $2 for every following loss.



ISPA rules apply and will be enforced so that we learn the rules better. We will email them and print them off, so that everyone has a copy and can take them home to read.


In order to qualify as a club champion, a player must have his/her dues paid and play at least 85% of the weeks played during the season.


Play is held at the German-Canadian Club (location can be found on the contact tab above) and starts every Monday at 7pm!

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