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2023 Skat Year Review

2023 started out with the execution of our beloved game without the use of the paper scoresheets. In the beginning, we had a few hiccups, however very soon, the software behaved the way we wanted it to and even some of the more seasoned players got into using the tablets with ease. The main benefit being the elimination of human error, as the computer does the math, after the games are entered. This saves the organizer quite a bit of time, as all data is available right away, and statistical data is being collected every and reportable every Monday.

After playing about a third of the year, the players wanted to discuss the previous year's decision to go by total points instead of the average. By then, it had become quite clear that the total points was the wrong way to go, as the difference in points between the average players and the players at the top of the list became quite large. So we had another vote and as a result, switched back to the idea of average points, but with the notion that in order to be eligible to become club champion and for the top 25% prize awards, a player had to attend at least 32 rounds of Skat over the year. This number included the holiday Monday double rounds.

Besides the scoring change, we did follow for the most part the decision of random draws, so that everyone got to play with everyone throughout the year. Besides the occasional seat swap, because of couples ending up at the same table, we held true to the random draws until the last five rounds, where we then played by average points, so that the highest players could fight for the championship in a head to head fashion. The top three players at that time, Joe O', John and Gerd alternated playing good rounds, so that their points difference stayed relatively the same. At the end, Joe O's (third place) and John's (second place) points average was just under 14 points apart, while the last year's winner Gerd was again in first place with a 102 points lead with an 1166 point average.

As honorary mention must be noted that Peter, our snowbird, who misses about two or three months every year due to his annual ritual of chasing warmer weather in Mexico, made an amazing comeback, playing four consecutive high rounds between 1500 and near 1800 points to grab fourth place in the end, jumping three positions. Well done, Peter.




We managed to get two new players into our club and are diligently offering training sessions for Skat, whenever we have new interest. This continued work in recruiting new players is important, as some of our players get up in age and find it more difficult to attend. We miss in particular on Monday nights our Frank, who is unfortunately only seldom able to attend for a round of our beloved game.

So, to the people out there, reading this, if cards are your thing, we encourage you to come by on a Monday night and check us out! Play is held at the German-Canadian Club (location can be found on the contact tab above) and starts every Monday at 6pm! On long weekends, where the Monday is a holiday, we play two rounds starting at 3:00pm with a club sponsored meal at 5pm. The second round starts as normal at 6pm.


Red Deer Skat Club Fee:

We have eliminated the annual Skat Club Fee for 2023, however, since we still need to pay for the food for our two-round nights as well as the Christmas windup party, we are now charging 5 dollars per night of which two dollars will be put in the pot to cover these expenses and the annual prize awards.


The ISPA fees are now being paid from the entry fees for the Monday game, we, the Red Deer Skat Club have currently 21 players registered at the International Skat Players Association for North America.


2023 Bump Money:

Nothing has changed here, for the first three losses one dollar each is collected, then two dollars for every following loss. We should mention however that newcomers do only pay half of the bump money for the first six months.



ISPA rules apply and will be enforced so that we learn the rules better. We will email them and print them off, so that everyone has a copy and can take them home to read.


In order to qualify as a club champion, a player must have participated at least in 32 rounds of Skat over the season.

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