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Congratulations to our last year club champion Fred Kommnick!

January 8, 2018 marked the start of the sixth year in the history of the Skat Club. The season will be a full year, ending in December 2018 when we crown our 2018 Club champion at a year end mini tournament.


Red Deer Skat Club Fee:

$15 per year. We currently have 20 players and everyone is welcome to join.



The ISPA fees will be due in January for the 2018 year, if not already paid. We currently have 12 players from our Red Deer Skat Club as ISPA members.


2017 Bump Money:

$1 per loss for the first three losses, then $2 for every following loss.



ISPA rules apply and will be enforced so that we learn the rules better. We will email them and print them off, so that everyone has a copy and can take them home to read.


In order to qualify as a club champion, a player must have his/her dues paid and play at least 85% of the weeks played during the season.


Play is held at the German-Canadian Club (location can be found on the contact tab above) and starts every Monday at 7pm!

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