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The German-Canadian Club of Red Deer was founded in 1966 and some of our founding members are still coming to our events today. The club has undergone several changes over the years, including a move to our new location (please see contact page for location details). What has not changed is our goal as a community association to maintain the culture of the home countries of our members: We are proud to have members from many countries such as Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and of course Germany and Canada, just to name a few.

We speak mostly English during our events unless we have only German speaking folk present, in which case you will catch us talking in our mother tongue.

We have had and continue to have many occasions throughout the year where we celebrate Deutsche Gemütlichkeit, whether that is at our own club house or by participating in cultural events in the cities and provinces around us. If that sounds even remotely interesting to you, please come out to visit and check out what we are all about. Please check the upcoming events as well as the contact page to get in contact with us. We'd love to connect with you.

A walk through memory lane

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